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Juniper’s Bunny Beanie

Juniper’s Bunny Beanie

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Pregnancy affects so many different parts of our bodies that it sometimes felt like my body was completely breaking apart in the last weeks of my pregnacy.
I stopped knitting with any regularity. After a few rows, my right hand cramped up. It wasn’t just knitting that was problematic; writing with a pen is still painful and my right thumb is only now having any return of feeling. (Typing and hitting the space bar is uncomfortable.)
I have two projects started for Lentil that are unfinished. All others are shelved until they are done. I was able to complete this bunny beanie, a hat that will not fit her for a few months and for which there is no need as the weather continues to not be fall-ish.
The pattern is from Noe Knit and is in alpaca and mohair. 🙂


Tiny Hats for Teeny Twins

In July, I traveled to Ashland with a few friends to take a USD class in teaching drama. We did the same class last year, which allows us to see five plays at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and discuss them. It’s not the most amazing class you’ll ever take, but worth the money (3 units!).

Ashland is also home to The Web-Sters, a fabulous yarn store with an amazing array of beautiful yarns housed in a not-too-crowded space so you can actually find stuff without sticking your bottom in someone else’s face. This year, I picked up yarn for Debbie Bliss’s Hooded Carrying Bag as I prepared for the Lentil’s arrival. (Thanks to carpal tunnel syndrome I’m knitting considerably less.)

I also picked up some Debblie Bliss Alpaca Silk and Manos del Uruguay DK to make two slip stitch hats (pattern is from The Web-Sters) for the Footles twins. I didn’t want the hats to be exactly alike, but related, much like the soon to arrive identical twins. So, I switched the yarn on the second hat and gave each girl her own topper.

Mystery Knitting Revealed

I can’t say I have much use for a squid-shaped cellphone carrier as my iPhone won’t fit into it (a) and it’s, well, weird (b).

However, I can say that my first Mystery Knitting Night! with Knit One One was fun and worth the night out. We ran an hour later than expected, which is tough for me as I am perpetually exhausted.

The way the mystery works is that we are given part of the pattern to follow and have to guess what it will be. First person to guess gets a prize. (The correct guess isn’t revealed until the very, very end.) Alicia gave me her squid so now I have two to seam and attach eyes to. I’m giving them to my nieces. They are the perfect size for OBs but perhaps no more discrete than simply tucking one into the palm of your hand.

[Note: This mystery night was in May. I’m posting in July. Yes, I am a slacker.]

Vacation From My Vacation

Summer break started on June 15 around 10am after I dropped off final grades and forms at the high school. The first week I had lots to do, the second week was a little quieter.

This week, though, we are in New York. Mister has business here and I have downtime. Yes, that’s right, Mister is calling this my vacation from my vacation.

What luxury! Yesterday, we had late breakfast/early lunch at Think Coffee on Bowery. Mister had a PB&J on wheat while I had an unremarkable mozzarella and tomato with pesto on “sourdough.” Sandwiches aside, I like the place with its calm interior and not-too-worn moss velvet couches. After we went our separate ways, I headed up Bleeker and ended up Purl Patchwork. I picked up several fat quarters with the plan to stitch them together into a baby quilt. We’ll see when it happens though I was definitely smitten with the idea (at the time). I stepped down a couple of doors to Purl to pick up stitch markers as I have nearly finished the second leg of the baby pants (from Hannah Fettig’s Closely Knit book). The pattern calls for 54 stitches cast on but those would be way too big, it seemed, so I ripped out the first leg and cast on 44 stitches. Or did I? When I joined my two legs, knit in Manos del Uruguay’s Cotton Stria (a yarn that looks good but is irritating to knit with — too sticky), I had to count stitches to place the stitch markers. Voila! I found one little leg was 40 stitches while the other was 44. Lucky me! I had a five hour flight to JFK and cranked out the other leg while watching back to back episodes of Law and Order: SVU and Flipping Out. (I am becoming a reality TV show junkie.)

The pants I’m working on are for a friend from work who is due the end of July. Even though I have zero need for more yarn, I wanted to find something to bring home. So, I picked up three skeins of Habu mohair boucle (less 40%), Nashua Natural Focus Ecologie Cotton in a lovely yellow (for my own pair of Fettig’s pants) and grey-ish (for the hearts), and a KnitWhits kit — an owl!

The damage didn’t end there, however. Our friends, the Manns, recently had twins. I utterly failed to pick up welcome gifts for the babies in April when they were born (another friend had a second baby in March and received her care package in June). I set out to find something for them. I stopped at Bombalulu‘s on W. 10th. Cute shirts, but I didn’t really want to buy something that says NY on it for New Yorkers (more specifically, Brooklynites). I picked up a two piece outfit for us, yellow with an old New York logo on it. You can wear that in California, can’t you?

Mid-afternoon called for a tea break with my friend Bryan and his fabulous boyfriend, Colin at Cafe Mogador in the East Village. We sat on the roof of their building for a while with their dogs Alex and Darwin (funny, funny boys!) before I headed back along E. 9th to the hotel and found Pink Olive Boutique and a twin set that will work out alright.

I almost picked up a onesie for us that is more of a romper, grey knit with a baby elephant following a mama elephant (holding on to her tail) but decided $68 was not in the cards at the moment. Instead, I bought Lentil a stuffed rabbit and a sleeper (?). I have officially purchased three items for Lentil. Whoa!

Mister and I had dinner with our friend, Upendra, at Degustation, a sushi bar that serves up tapas. Sushi bars make conversation among three people challenging, but it worked. We had the 5-course tasting which was just enough to satisfy without overloading us. I particularly enjoyed the suckling pig and its very crispy skin but I think Upendra and I agreed that the dessert, which I can’t spell, was fabulous in its simplicity. (It tasted like custard and bread pudding together but not too sweet).

I enjoyed watching the economy of energy in the kitchen with the chef, sous-chef, and (underling chef? chef in training?) working in three discrete spaces that seemed small yet perfectly suited to their tasks. This wasn’t the yelling scenario of restaurants I’ve worked in, but a cooperative set-up. The chef had several visitors, which is always nice to see.


I went to a sock class at Article Pract yesterday, taught by JP. What fun. It’s only the third class I’ve ever taken, including my fateful “learn to knit” class at The Knitting Basket years ago (ooh was my teacher mean).

Toe CapWhat fun! What fun! Toe-up socks, so impossible for me to understand without a live person teaching me. (Internet videos weren’t working for me.) Now I have a toe and half a foot complete. (Foggy iPhone photo TK) Happy, happy. Joy, joy.

p.s. anyone else confused re: categories vs. tags?

Sideview: The Awesome Tom Bihn Knitting Bag

I mentioned before that Mister bought a Tom Bihn knitting bag for me for Christmas. This is remarkable because Mister believes I have too many bags of all sizes and types and should not buy or accept anymore. Ever. From anyone. For any reason.

However, Knitty.com held a “Design the knitting bag of your dreams” contest a few summers ago and this is what Knitty and bag designer Tom Bihn came up with this bag. (I have two, one for knitting and one for work.)


My knitting bag holds most of my needles in the side zip bag, or the needles I use regularly. I leave my straights at home but feel a pathetic need to have several sets with me at all times. I also have a small zip pouch for my notions. I replaced the pencil case I used for years as this bag clips into the Tom Bihn bag. Currently I have three project stuff sacks inside and another two in the queue. Sweet.

It’s the perfect size for toting student papers and my MacBook Air so I bought a second one (blue/green vs. blue/grey) for school (which is really work but teachers generally say they are going to school). One of the zips holds pens and another holds personal doodads. I am very happy that I can clip my keys to the bag — I lose them far less these days.

Suggestions? A flashlight to see into the bottom of the bag? It’s deep, man, deep.

If you are curious, there are a few more shots at flickr in the Tom Bihn set.

The Clapotis Continues

Phone shot of ClapotisI’m not sure why I waited so long to work on my clapotis because it’s all I want to do now. Okay, so I’m only on repeat six of the increase section but I can knit it while in a staff meeting (yesterday in the cafeteria) or while helping a student figure out how to cast-on (yesterday during Knitting Club/Harry Potter Club meetings in my classroom). Yes, that’s right. Knitting Club and Harry Potter Club. Both are outstanding venues for my social justice sensibilities.

Harry Potter Club is fantastic. They make posters, have quizzes, play games pitting house against house. (Members are “sorted” when they join.) When we had a movie night, they talked about book vs. movie the entire time and were delighted.

Knitting Club is more a hodge podge but has become less an irregular event. Most of the knitters, including the president, are boys. I taught the president to knit when he was in the 9th grade. Now he’s a graduating senior. He has learned several new techniques, including magic loop, by watching online videos. Most excellent.