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There Can Never Be Too Much Tutu

Tutu delightI was tooling around Etsy just before Christmas and found a couple of tutu makers, including Frill’er Up Couture. How could I resist a tutu for my tiny Lentil?

Mister said he’d protect her from the frills. I say hah! and bah!

The tutu was a hit at Christmas. She wore it for her entree, then changed (twice). It’s a little difficult to see but you can get the basic cuteness from her picture with Grandpa.

Grandpa and Lentil


CSA for Knitters

Mister is very supportive of my knitting obsession. I don’t knit especially fast, and this was a down year for finished projects owing to my broken-during-pregnancy hands. But that’s all over and I’m nearly done with Lentil’s heart pants from Hannah Fettig’s Closely Knit: Handmade Gifts For The Ones You Love. After the pants are complete, I hope to whip through a baby sweater and hat, then finish other odds and ends.

Still, these items will not diminish my stash because their yarn is pulled out of the stash. The stash is everywhere. It is in the garage, under the desk, behind the green chair.

No matter! For our third anniversary, he found a special CSA for me. We already have the Marin Sun Farms Meat CSA I’ve written about and we’ve gone on and off a vegetable/fruit CSA. This one is a little different.

While the traditional third anniversary is leather, but Mister opted for wool. Mister loves Mighty Goods, which linked to Not Martha, who had posted a great gift guide that included links to a yarn CSA. The original one on Martha’s Vineyard sold out but the group posted a second one in Hudson Valley (NY). (He’s very good at gift giving.)

baaaWho could resist this little face?

For $140, we buy into the harvest:

When you purchase a share in our CSA you are investing in our Fall 2008 “yarn harvest” of Kid Mohair and Mohair. You’ll receive an shareholders certificate, weekly email updates on what’s going on around the farm, and an invitation to our Shearing Day Celebration. (And if you get the urge to shovel poopy hay while you’re here, we’ll lend you a shovel.)

The money we receive from the shareholders will be used to purchase hay and feed for the animals and to increase the size of our flock. Our 16 pregnant nanny goats will be giving us kids between February and May and all of those kids will be sheared for the first time in the Fall, along with all the other goats.

How cool is that? We could fly out to NY to see the farm and shovel manure and listen to the baa, baas of the sheep. I bet Lentil would love it. The Wall Street Journal thought it was appealing, too.

We will end up with roughly 10 skeins of homespun fiber (give or take). Yippee for CSAs!

Note: I realize this is not a local business, but what a cool idea. Way to exploit the farmers’ market frenzy. We’re in!