Wednesday Roast

Every week I say this is the week that we will make all our meals. We’re not there, but we are wasting very little of the food I pick up at the store. The biggest loss is lettuce, but we give that to the girls for treats.

Today I stopped at the Alameda Marketplace for produce. My friend’s husband is the produce manager at Alameda Natural Grocery (I think I might have his title wrong). M is full of information about fruits and vegetables. His grocery brings in organic produce from within a 100 mile radius. I picked up some beautiful chard and lovely spinach ($3.49 a bunch; price is dictated by lack of frost which spinach needs to grow abundantly) as well as lovely Dancy mandarins and blood oranges. I also took home one of Mary’s organic chickens from Baron’s Meat & Poultry.

At home, Lentil and I did some power nursing while I tapped into the Food Network’s afternoon programming. Programming that is focused on women — Rachel Ray, Giada de …, Paula’s Home Cooking. Really, there’s not a lot to do when you’re nursing for the third or fourth time that day. I haven’t mastered the knit/nurse yet and, oh hell, there’s only so much loving gazing upon your nursing babe that I can do. So, I watched Giada de …’s show (I can never remember her name and generally refer to her as Giardia which is so wrong). She make a garlic and citrus chicken that looked fairly straightforward but nicely flavored. I haven’t roasted a chicken in years as Mister has made it his mission to master the roast chicken (damn, his roasts are GREAT). But if we’re going to cook our food, then I have to pick up some of my old favorites and try out some new recipes. In addition to the chicken, which turned out a little dry (I had a smaller bird than de … listed so I altered the time by about 30 minutes and could have cut another 5-10 off), I made a pearl pasta side (pasta and chicken broth) and added chard. One of my inner monologue decisions is that we need to have more vegetables so, like my mother, we’ll have a vegetable and a salad. I’ll sneak the vegs in wherever I can.

It turned out well. The sauce from the chicken flavored up the otherwise bland pasta (I added some fresh orange juice to brighten up the chard), and the chicken itself had pretty nice flavor. Altogether, a successful night.

Oh, and despite my no ice cream edict, I had a Nina cookie from Feel Good Bakery. Ooh, chocoloate, chocoloate chip, and walnut. Yum. I chose what looked like a morning bun but was more like a morning pull apart world of goodness for Mister. Sigh.


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