Lentil’s end to end yuckies

Lentil developed a mean diaper rash a couple of days ago. Note to new parents: do not use wipes on your child’s rash. It burns them, Frodo, it burns. Use cotton balls dipped in warm water (cool water is unpleasant). Friends have suggested two additional tips:

  1. Hold nakee baby bottom to sunny window for a couple of minutes for vitamin D warm yummy air
  2. Let nakee baby roll around in her all-togethers for a couple of hours (my addition: use an incontinence pad to keep baby from leaking all over everything. I had leftovers from the end of my pregnancy).

The rash is heartbreaking. She cried and cried on Thursday night as the lactation consultant offered sympathies. I asked her to come by (for a small fee, gulp) to check our latch, give advice on bottles (Lentil won’t take one), and check things over to make sure we were doing things right.

I had been thinking about having her come for a few weeks (by her, I mean one of three possibles based on recommendations) but the bottle issue pushed me in the direction. Then I weighed Lentil. She hasn’t gained enough weight this month — far less than a pound. Furthermore, she recently started vomiting up what she’s drinking. She started spitting up a few weeks ago but it was relatively mild. Now she can chuck a waterfall. It’s sudden and startles all of us but most of all Lentil. Sometimes it scares her but it doesn’t seem to really hurt (except when it comes out of her nose).

Poor Lentil. Rash, vomit. We took her to Night Owl Pediatrics, an after-hours (or odd hours) pedicatric clinic in Pleasant Hill. I think people from all over the Bay Area must take their kids there as its the only game in the area (other than hospitals, that is). The vomit could be reflux (crap!), an infection caused by my membrane breaking and her delayed delivery, pyloric stenosis, mmmm…there was another option.

So, I burp her more often (every 3-5 minutes), hold her upright, put her in her carseat when she’s done nursing.

And, after her bath tonight, she chucked it all and was very sad. Merde us.


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