When I Learned to Respect Gauge

img_1563Lentil’s heart pants are nearly done. I’ve seamed them, sewn on the heart patches, and will add the elastic band sometime this week. They are about as big as she is which means waiting a few weeks to put them on her.

What did I learn doing this project? I learned to appreciate gauge. I’m admit I’m sloppy about it and generally lack patience to check my gauge. The consequence in this instance is that the pants are long enough, but perhaps not wide enough, to fit properly. Good thing she’s a long baby.

I decided to knit her a kimono sweater (originally I planned to make Elizabeth Zimmerman’s raglan sweater). Yes, I started my gauge swatch. 🙂

I finished seaming up the legs which I was dreading but I used the instruction illustrations from Essential Baby: Over 20 Handknits to Take Your Baby from First Days to First Steps. The map folded in my head (an expression I picked up from Mister) and I could finally see the mattress stitch and put it into action. I’m happy to report the seams look beautiful.


(The disadvantage of my shot is that I seamed with the same color as the pants therefore it is not a good instructional shot. Contrast color would help with that.)


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