The Beauty of Food when one is ill: Bon Appetit!

Mister and I instituted a new budget that includes food purchases. Then we got sick. Today, six days in, is the first in three that I’m not running a fever and don’t feel like hell. Still, my snot is chartreuse and I’m coughing with vigor so all is not perfect, just on the mend.

Our house is damn cold owing to one heater vent in the living room and no insulation anywhere. I’d left the portable electric heater on all day yesterday in our bedroom but the room was still frosty (imagine if the heater had been off). Mister proposed sleeping in the living room so we set up camp with me on the couch hacking away, Lentil in her Amby floating in space, and Mister on the aerobed on the floor. After five nights in the living room (or was it six?) I moved us up to Lentil’s room because she has the awesome sofabed. Not that the aerobed wasn’t comfortable, but I like not being in the draft of the living room floor.

During my time on teh couch, I surfed around looking for new recipes to work on our weekly menus. I found a recipe that was fantastic looking, so fantastic that Bon Appetitit included it in its best of blog list. Now I have no idea where I started, but I made this big pancake, also known as a Dutch baby, yesterday. I’d like to make these herb canneloni but Mister is the pasta maker. Sassy Radish has this snappy looking pepita brittle, but what she also posted … dark chocolate cherry muffins. Muffins? Really? Let’s call them what they are: cupcakes of love.

Also on my list of mmmmmmyummy from the blogs?

Go forth and cook!


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