Lentil, Mister, and I are stuffed up. We all have head colds, to varying degrees of stuffed-ness. Tonight begins round two of sleeping with a cool mist humidifier on, the door cracked so the room doesn’t fill up with condensation, the electric heater going to keep us (and especially Lentil) warm, and me fretting the heater will spark and we’ll all fry.

Last night we sucked boogies from Lentil’s nose. Dry little bastards for the most part. Tonight I went to Pharmaca to buy saline drops for babies and Claritin for Mister (lucky boy gets to take drugs, sniff, sniff). We live near a Walgreens, but parking is a pain and sometimes it feels a little sketch in there. Unfortunately, Pharmaca’s pharmacy was closed so I ended up at Walgreens anyway, dealing with the very nice person at the counter who had to take my ID down before I could buy the behind-the-scenes Claritin-D, the kind that meth users buy and cook into meth. We aren’t so fancy here, no, we just take it to rid ourselves of sinus issues.

We tilted Lentil’s nest, the box she sleeps in in our bed, to elevate her head for sleeping. She’s sacked out right now, hopefully for a few more hours as she only took one real nap today. (Bad mama)

Nothing is lovelier than listening to your baby’s sleepy sighs, even when she has a cold.


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