Diaper Testing, one, two, three

Before Lentil was born, Mister and I talked about cloth vs. disposable diapers. I thought that cloth was the way to go rather than create little bundles that could never break down. A co-worker turned me on to Mother-ease, her choice of diapers, but another friend swore by the Bum Genius. So, I bought one each of three different kinds of cloth diapers: a Bum Genius 3.0, a FuzziBunz, and two kinds from Mother-ease, the Sandy and the all in one.

We’ve happily used Pampers Swaddlers and Seventh Generation Chlorine Free diapers since Lentil’s birth. (The hospital sent us home with Swaddlers; I’d purchased some Seventh Generation prior to going in.) Swaddlers don’t leak and are super absorbent but I feel like the Seventh Generation are probably less toxic in the long run.

Since we’ve been home, I’ve tested the Mother-ease Sandy (and didn’t like it) and the Bum Genius (very happy). I have yet to try the FuzziBunz, but I ordered 12 more Bum Genius from Cotton Babies tonight. We are making the transition to cloth. I use white vinegar in an initial wash, then I rewash the diapers. Lentil seems very comfortable in the Bum Genius. Here’s hoping the honeymoon lasts.

Cotton Babies has a cloth diaper reference that is helpful for answering various questions including, “Do I have to sanitize my washing machine?” (No.)


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