Palin is not only an irresponsible fool, but dangerous

It is not clear to me why the behavior of McCain-Palin supporters isn’t covered in the news, but the shouts of followers has barely made a dent in the flotsom of election coverage.

Palin has whipped up her supporters with dubious claims regarding Obama’s history, which is egregious in its own right. But to ignore shouts from the crowd, and continue as though it’s acceptable to hear someone call someone else a nigger is reprehensible. She is not ready for the White House, let alone Alaska if she cannot handle the bigot in the crowd.

Here’s the analogy: if a student calls someone a nigger or a faggot or (insert reprehensible name here), that student can receive a detention. Often it works better to have a conversation about language, but there are consequences.

If a person seeking to have the second highest position in the United States hears someone make threats, call someone nigger, faggot, or (insert here), that person must say something, not bumble through her speech.

Sarah Palin, for so many reasons, is not capable, credible, or able to serve.


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