SoCal Train Accident Underscores Need for Separate Rails

I haven’t ridden trains a lot. While I’ve experienced the train to Truckee and the central valley, between NY and DC, and all through Spain, my experience pales compared to my stepsister who has ridden cross-country (several times), my sister traversed Europe, and my parents who routinely take the train rather than drive to Colorado or New Mexico for vacations.

Trains are great. What a way to travel. Put your feet up, knit, nap, read, look at the passing landscape.

American passenger trains, however, share rails with cargo trains. Passenger trains have to stop and wait whenever the two meet at junctions because the cargo trains have right of way.

I do not begrudge American industry passage, but in a country this big, in a time when we need to find alternative methods of transportation, wouldn’t rails make sense?


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