Outfitting the Lentil

We’re somewhere around six weeks out from our due date (which, in reality, means the baby could be here in a few weeks or a few extra weeks). I’ve been picking up some necessities from Craigslist while having conversations with Mrs. Footle about what seems reasonable to reuse (Bjorns) and what seems icky in a “I’m not quite there yet” kind of way (diapers). We picked up a used cribset from Craigslist and other than there being more blue in it than I imagined, it’s great. It came from Garnet Hill, feels lovely, and though used through two infants, looks pretty good.

My friends Amy and Katy threw me a baby shower this past weekend. It was filled with my crafty-girlfriends who out-crafted themselves. (Pictures to come.) Lentil already received a MinnowKnits blanket and hat from my Portland Amy. It comes with a hat, too. Whoa. 🙂

So, there I am at this party and wow! Janelle crochets her first-ever project, a blanket for us that is beautiful. Alicia produced a square from the blanket she’s been working on — and lying about all summer. She said she was knitting her own baby blanket (and boy was I thrilled for her, but sad for me because she makes lovely blankets). The deception was tricky! She knit fake squares to throw me off!! And the fibs don’t stop there. Natalia and Agnes have been working on a crochet project, too. The pattern, however, was one apparently chosen by me while we were in Ashland in August but Natalia said, oh, don’t knit that, it’s ugly. Hah. Our fall baby will be plenty warm with all the toasties from its aunties!

Our friend Barbara, a super-sewer and my chief partner in jamming escapades, was also busy. She pulled out a chicken jumper that belonged to her son and used it as inspiration in creating chicken onesies for Lentil. I know there are people who would only like brand new clothes, but I love that she repurposed clothing in a personal way. Wow! Less new stuff made and more cool stuff made.

I came across this post from Xtina’s blog, a Fistful of Stitches. She was at Ikea with a friend and said,

“We were looking at kitchen scales and while in the kitchen department he showed me a knife set: a block of wood with five different kitchen knives in it for $3.99. My reaction was to be sad and depressed, which initially surprised my friend until I explained that the first thing I think of is “how in the world could something cost that little money-wise without costing something much greater in terms of labor, resources, etc”. I know that I used to also be excited by what I perceived as a good deal until I started thinking about costs in a different way, so I could relate to his surprise at my reaction.”

My students and I were talking about where our clothes come from, who makes them, and what quality of life we have as compared to others (the discussion related to Ursula LeGuin’s The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas). Mister and I have had a similar conversation as we look over the gigantic list of things a baby must have (no, it doesn’t not need three variations of a bouncy chair). The more used things we can pick up not only saves us money, but reduces the cycle of new, new, new. I can’t commit to the buy everything used this year group, but I can commit to as much used or made by hand as possible philosphy. Thanks friends for helping with that! What lovely, lovely things to wrap our baby in! 🙂


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