Boys, Girls, and Spotted Pigs


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I had dinner in NY with my friends Alicia, Bryan, and Bryan’s boyfriend Colin (now my friend, too!). We ate at The Spotted Pig, a low-key hipster joint in the West Village that is home to dishes like Devils on Horseback and Roll Mops (and a fine, fine hamburger).
Bryan is an actor who also teaches a summer acting program to teens in the Auburn area. As we patiently waited 90 minutes for our table, Josh Hartnett passed by. Colin noted that Hartnett was wearing cropped pants. Tres chic.

For dinner, we shared way too many dishes including a radish salad, lamb hearts (Bryan ordered it … delicious but too rich for me as a meal), hamburgers (Colin, Alicia, and me), a $14 Bibb lettuce salad (delicious), a pot of pickles (really, a thimble of pickles but filled with radishes, gherkins, long beans, carrots … something else?), and there was something else … pickled herring? I can’t remember.

The wait is worth it if you have time. We sat at the bar where I sipped ginger ale (racy!) and they had grown-up beverages. Tables upstairs are tiny — we tucked into a corner room with a few others and shared two round tables. Fun for us because the room was social but it made it difficult for people on the end to hear each other.

Highlight of the night, other than making fun of Josh Hartnett’s haircut, pants, and poor acting skills, was observing the bizarre Jersey woman who swore more than Bryan, Colin, and me combined. Bryan eavesdropped through the meal, catching her chatting up the couple at the next table (South African, living in Switzerland) and telling the guy she’d kick his ass if he didn’t treat his girlfriend right. After what seemed like a genial exchange of stories, the couple left. He said something to her to which she replied a string of invectives that I think can’t be published here. Too gruesome.


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