Planet DoughNut Plant

Small selection but ooh, satisfying.

I made it down to the DoughNut Plant to pick up some yummy treats for Mister and me on Tuesday in NY. (I hope my OB doesn’t see this. Doughnuts are not part of the healthy baby diet plan.)

Last year, Mister decided that if there had to be a best chocolate donut, then the Valrhona might be it. But the blackout cake doughnut is fantastic (he says) as well. I thought that the jelly doughnut was fabulous but this year, I tried the coconut cream and reordered my priorities.

Fresh Jelly, Fresh Blueberry, Valrhona Chocolate

Doughnut plant also has incredible chai (I skipped it this year). And, I glimpsed the owner (and tried to snap a discrete picture but failed)

DoughNut Plant is conveniently located a few blocks from Orchard Corset, Guss’ Pickles, and the Lower East Side Tenement Museum.


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