Boccolone and Bellies

The Footles invited us to the opening of Boccalone last weekend. Boccalone is a salumeria (featuring pork, pork, and more pork). The shop opened in the Ferry Building, but the goods are made in Oakland (oh yeah!). Folks like the Footles have been picking up Piglets (about 2 pounds of goods) or Boars (3.5 pounds) of mixes. This month, for example, the Piglet features Italian Sausage, Ciccioli, Orange & Wild Fennel Salame, Lardo. Yum.

(Lucky us, the Footles have shared the Piglets with us. Wow. The only thing I haven’t loved is the blood sausage. It was very good, just not my favorite dish. Ever.)

The Footles have been taking weekly belly shots to chart Mrs. Footle’s belly growth. Why haven’t we? Mister and I decided that at nearly 20 weeks, maybe we should, too!

After Boccalone, we moved down the Ferry Building to The Slanted Door, a restaurant I’ve eaten at only a few times (in the old location, once in the new place). We shared some fantastic dishes including the tasty papaya salad and cellophane noodles with fresh crab. I think, though, that my favorite dish was the chicken claypot, unusual for me since I don’t usually like chicken dishes very much. As if that wasn’t enough, we decided we needed ice cream. Sure. Look at that belly and ask if it needs ice cream.

We went to Bi-Rite Creamery near Dolores Park. Run, don’t walk to this place. They use Strauss Creamery milk to make fantastic ice creams like malted vanilla with toffee and burnt cinnamon. Mister and I brought home a couple of pints including a rich rocky road with almonds.

Mr. Footle sidled up to the counter to get a fresh pack of the malted vanilla. The ice cream is outstanding and it is a friendly place to go, utterly lacking the pretentiousness of the organic darling of the east bay, Ici. Mr. Footle considers his next flavor. (I like Ici’s malted vanilla chocolate chip, but overall, the place is precious, too precious for my taste. It also irks me that the month it opened, Ici won best ice cream. Um, it wasn’t open when the magazine went to bed. …how is that magic possible?)


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