The Mixing Bowl: Needs Some Mixing

I loved The Temescal Cafe, filthy beast that it was. (Really, it was clean but felt well-used.) Very good food at very reasonable prices served by a friendly staff. You could hang out at the cafe.

It closed when? Last fall? Recently reopened under new ownership with a new interior and moniker: The Mixing Bowl.

It’s been washed and the counters were given an update with new wood. Lots of brushed chrome in here. Altogether it looks good, but is a little soul-less, perhaps as many new eateries are these days. The owners are on site; I

talked to Armando who was out front offering tastings of sangria (looked good but I have to pass for another five months).

I’ve been in twice now to do some grading. Hours are limited: the place closes at 5pm. A space for food, art, and friends that closes at 5pm? I know there are kinks to work out, but come on! I offered my students’ art (on another post shortly) but I think the idea freaked them out a little. No worries from my end, but I thought something needs to breath a little life into the joint.


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