Blue Corn Cornbread


I have had a bag (just under 2 cups worth) of blue cornmeal from Full Belly Farm sitting in our backing cabinet for a couple of months. Then I moved it to the counter. Then back to the drawer because I felt it was mocking me with its unused presence.

Memorial Weekend, while in the pie frenzy, I also made cornbread. I used Full Belly’s not very informative recipe (cutting the sugar by 1/3) to make a beautiful batch of bread. It had a nice, nutty flavor and rough texture. I could have cut the sugar a little more, but any more sugar added would have been Marie Calendar sweet. Not my kind of cornbread. I prefer it rustic, warm, with a little butter or honey added.


3 responses to “Blue Corn Cornbread

  1. Mmmm….corn bread. If we bring the chili, will you make another batch. 🙂

  2. Duh, of course!

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