A Clapotis in Time Saves … nothing if you can’t finish it!

Clapotis: The Sixth Repeat

The Clapotis is coming along just fine but its progress is hindered by the sock (second from my sock class) that I’ve yet to finish and the yarn tasting lap blanket that I’m behind on and the baby pants (from Hannah Fettig’s book) I started, ripped out because 54 stitches is way too many and started over.

Yarn Tasting Lap Blanket

I worked through the be sweet, colinette yarn and some of the classic elite but you can see the packets of classic elite in the middle that have yet to be knitted into the blanket. In April, Cristina brought in yarns to go with Hannah Fettig’s book, Closely Knit: Handmade Gifts For The Ones You Love.

In May, we were treated to yarns from Sublime, the high end yarns of Sirdar. These are lovely, with a niceĀ  variety of mohair/merino blends. You can read the labels on the tasting packets to get a sense of the line. Cristina at Article Pract says the patterns are fantastically supported. Good news to knitters!


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