The Girls Show Their Flirty Side

Izzie, queen of the coop

Mister, fondly known as the Chicken Daddy for doting on the girls, took pictures of our hopeful hens over the weekend. They are considerably larger and very hen-like. (If I say it enough, it will be true and they will not be roosters.)

Izzie sat in the chair for a bit, but when she hopped down, she showed off her speed. Mister had to chase her around the garden for a bit. She’s funny, funny, funny. She likes to talk to us through the walls of the pen

Lala is a real beauty. Her head feathers are beginning to tuft around her ears. She looks the most henish to me. Her feathers continue to fill out, making her look plump.

Minnie, on the other hand, is pretty scrappy. Her neck gives her an extra reach of a few inches on the other two. Maybe it’s an illusion, because her feathers are the least full. When she telescopes, she is comical.


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