Battlestar Galactica and Spaghetti

Mister and I have been ardent fans since the show’s inception. Now that it is in its final (sniff) season we plan to enjoy each episode to the fullest. (To get caught up, check Salon’s diary.)

On Friday, I made meat sauce. Ground buffalo (via Prather Ranch) browned with garlic and shallots (the white onion looked sad); add diced tomatoes with basil and some chunky tomato sauce. Bring to a boil then set simmering for … two hours was it? I added fresh oregano (courtesy Full Belly Farm CSA this week), a dash of chili flakes, and tomato paste. Last in, Framani spicy Italian sausages. I insisted Mister pick up dry spaghetti, which led to two conversations about fresh vs. dry pasta. Mister makes pasta, and I generally love what he creates (especially the raviolis) but I tend to not like as much the noodles — I do not like mushy pasta.

The sauce traveled well; I took it to The Footles where we caught Battlestar Galatica earlier (they have cable and get it on east coast time). Good stuff, Maynard. Starbuck is back after being caught in some kind of time warp. Trouble is, no one believes her. (Could it be years of drinking, lying, and carousing, oh, and the cylons, tainting her story?) Gaius Baltar and his religious followers — nubile young women, many of whom seem ready to bed their spiritual leader; Roslyn and her hawkish tendencies continue.

Love it.


2 responses to “Battlestar Galactica and Spaghetti

  1. Your sauce was awesome! I don’t understand your dislike of fresh pasta, though. Weird.

  2. I don’t think it’s weird. I don’t always NOT want fresh pasta, but I prefer dry pasta. Reminds me of my mama.
    Besides, I love Dopo’s pasta and it’s all fresh. And I love Mister’s pasta, always fresh.

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