Bubbly for Less

The Footles, on more than one occasion, have invited us for nosh and a movie Chez Footle. They always have plenty of sparkling water on hand because they are members of the Soda Club. Now, Mister and I, we aren’t short on clubs and subscriptions. We receive vegetables from Fully Belly Farm and meat from the Bay Area Meat CSA. Mister purchased Bacon of the Month for our friend Nelson, who returned the favor with a wine club subscription (thank you!). Mister also sent brownies monthly to our friend Martha the Realtor and he signed the Footles up for a sausage club. (Perhaps Mr. Footle will be so kind as to let us know what that one’s called since I can never remember and Mister is on a plane.)

We have benefited from the sausage club having fantastic pate and various salumi Chez Footle.

And, of course, the bubbly water.

Our friends, B&B, who share love of goats, chickens, and do-it-yourselfering with us also have their own supply of bubbly water from the Seltzer Sisters.

After looking at both companies, I went with Soda Club, ordering a starter kit for Mister and me.  I still have to take a picture of the complete kit, which includes three full bottles of flavoring (complimentary: I chose grape, cream, and ginger ale) as well as the sampler pack. I don’t know if and when we’ll use the flavoring, but we have it.

The first attempt at bubbling water was not without a spray of water around the kitchen. True to form, I rejected Mister’s initial offer of help, then decided I didn’t want to get any more wet from the process and allowed him to help me. Who you calling stubborn?

Anyway, the bubbler is great and will cut down on

  1. costs for bubbly water (varies by week)
  2. recycling for bubbly water bottles (unnecessary)

See the machine? You stick a bottle (from Soda Club) in the front (screw it on) and then press the button on top three or four times until it makes a funny sound. Mister likes extra bubbly water so he gives it a couple extra presses.


Need more? Fill up the bottle and repeat. No lines at Berkeley Bowl, no caps to toss into the garbage because they can’t be recycled.



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