Qu’est-ce que c’est? C’est Coi

Mister and I jetted to BART on Friday to meet friends at Coi for dinner. They had been a couple of times, Mister had been once. It was my first time entering the quiet domain on Broadway. Mister loaned me his iPod so that I could read a recent review by Frank Bruni in the New York Times.

Coi is owned by chef Daniel Patterson whose previous restaurant, Elizabeth Daniel, was one of Mister’s favorites. Alas, we did not dine there together.

The bar area is peaceful while well-trafficked. I faced the door and could watch the eclectic clientèle enter and exit. Perhaps the oddest diner was the young woman (read: younger than I am) who wore a fur coat. In San Francisco? In March? The B&Bs backs were to the door which made my gawking all the more awkward as they couldn’t turn around and I couldn’t stop goggling.

We each ordered four dishes from the 11-course tasting menu ($115 for the full menu). Mister and I agreed the nettle soup was our favorite. I think Mrs. B might also agree with our take on it. I had a perfect, slow-cooked (40 minutes at 65 degrees) Soul Food Farm egg over barley. Poached eggs are my favorite these days. When you split the skin and creamy golden yoke spills out over greens or barley or whatever it’s on, oh, take me away. And yes, Virginia, the egg does make a difference. An organic egg has a richer yolk with more vibrant color than a standard, mass-produced egg.  (This is why we will have chickens in our backyard. There will be chickens.)

Mister and the B&Bs had a wine tasting paired with their dishes. The sommelier, who bears a resemblance to Naveen Andrews, was charming, knowledgeable, interesting, and amusing. I wasn’t writing any of their wines down, though I wish I had, as the Riesling (maybe) paired with Mister’s nettle soup was perfect.

Though we did not have 11 courses, we had a leisurely dinner, heading for home at about 10pm. Mister and I strolled back to BART. I, of course, fell asleep on his shoulder as we crossed the bay.


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