Ooh! White Elephant Sale!

The Footles invited us to breakfast and the Oakland Museum’s Annual White Elephant Sale. We thought we wouldn’t be able to make it as my sister and nephews were due to arrive at 10am. But when they weren’t here by 10:30, Mister and I decided to chance a quick run through the event.

I’ve never been, and Mister still hasn’t as he spent the whole time I was inside driving around the Fruitvale district, looking for parking. (He might have been cursing, too.) Inside, though, I found a great vintage rain coat (picture to come) and books. I also found The Footles in the book section where they’d already loaded up one box. I ended up with eight copies of The Secret Life of Bees for my students as well as two copies of Plainsong (recommended by one of the volunteers). I’m not sure how many books I actually walked out with, but for $121, it was a lot. I may go back tomorrow when it’s half-price on everything there.

Yes, everything.

A warehouse filled with rugs, furniture, clothes, books, jewelry. You name the odd household item and it is there.

But only until tomorrow. Then you have to wait another year.


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