Sideview: The Awesome Tom Bihn Knitting Bag

I mentioned before that Mister bought a Tom Bihn knitting bag for me for Christmas. This is remarkable because Mister believes I have too many bags of all sizes and types and should not buy or accept anymore. Ever. From anyone. For any reason.

However, held a “Design the knitting bag of your dreams” contest a few summers ago and this is what Knitty and bag designer Tom Bihn came up with this bag. (I have two, one for knitting and one for work.)


My knitting bag holds most of my needles in the side zip bag, or the needles I use regularly. I leave my straights at home but feel a pathetic need to have several sets with me at all times. I also have a small zip pouch for my notions. I replaced the pencil case I used for years as this bag clips into the Tom Bihn bag. Currently I have three project stuff sacks inside and another two in the queue. Sweet.

It’s the perfect size for toting student papers and my MacBook Air so I bought a second one (blue/green vs. blue/grey) for school (which is really work but teachers generally say they are going to school). One of the zips holds pens and another holds personal doodads. I am very happy that I can clip my keys to the bag — I lose them far less these days.

Suggestions? A flashlight to see into the bottom of the bag? It’s deep, man, deep.

If you are curious, there are a few more shots at flickr in the Tom Bihn set.


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