The Clapotis Continues

Phone shot of ClapotisI’m not sure why I waited so long to work on my clapotis because it’s all I want to do now. Okay, so I’m only on repeat six of the increase section but I can knit it while in a staff meeting (yesterday in the cafeteria) or while helping a student figure out how to cast-on (yesterday during Knitting Club/Harry Potter Club meetings in my classroom). Yes, that’s right. Knitting Club and Harry Potter Club. Both are outstanding venues for my social justice sensibilities.

Harry Potter Club is fantastic. They make posters, have quizzes, play games pitting house against house. (Members are “sorted” when they join.) When we had a movie night, they talked about book vs. movie the entire time and were delighted.

Knitting Club is more a hodge podge but has become less an irregular event. Most of the knitters, including the president, are boys. I taught the president to knit when he was in the 9th grade. Now he’s a graduating senior. He has learned several new techniques, including magic loop, by watching online videos. Most excellent.


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