More MacBook Air Loooooooove

In case I wasn’t clear, my MacBook Air rocks my socks. I took it to work on Friday where I easily toted it from my classroom to the computer lab and back. It slid into my grading pouch (though I ordered a Tom Bihn Brain Cell the same day it arrived) amid the knitting and multitude of pens. When I fished it out of my crumpler “salary sacrifice,” a great backpack for notebooks, I wasn’t sure it was my computer, I thought I was tugging on a paper notebook. Ah, the slimness of it all.

As I’ve been laid up all the day, how lovely to have it on my lap without overheating my legs and to be able to move it about without any strain at all. Most amazing is the clarity of its screen.

Shocking title, but Wil Shipley’s blog post articulates my feelings about my computer. In my years as a journalist and my years toting a laptop (which I did in college thanks to the prototype IBM Compactible than never managed to in fact work without a power source), I have never swapped the battery on a plane and, when the hard drive of my PowerBook G4 filled, we bought a remote drive to off-load some of the extra files.

I opted for the SSD (solid state drive) and would suggest, should you decide to go the way of the Air, you do, too. I hooked up a remote DVD drive with ease, loaded some files, burned a couple of DVDs, unplugged it. Do I miss having a drive in the computer? Nope.


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